drupal4lib camp

Registration for drupal4lib camp is now closed. See you in Darien!

drupal4lib camp will take place on Friday February 27, 2009 from 9 am to 4 pm at Darien Public Library in Darien, CT (Lunch will be provided)

The camp will be an opportunity for libraries working with Drupal to get together share experiences, solve problems, and collaborate. This unconference will be a combination of 10 min lightning talks followed by break outs in the afternoon. There is no registration fee. However, participation is limited to 85 so please register early.

Further details on the event, how to sign up for lightning talks and breakouts etc will be posted here shortly.


Advice on where to stay?

Any advice on where to stay? Is Stamford one's best bet? Looks like there's a Howard Johnson in Darien, but reviews on Google Maps suggests it's a real dog....

I am staying at the Courtyard

I am staying at the Courtyard Stamford Downtown. It is pretty reasonable, and not to far from Amtrak. I have no idea how I am getting to the library, but I would be happy to share a cab if there are others staying there.

Who are you?

Hilton Garden Inn - Norwalk

Check out the rates at the Hilton Garden Inn in Norwalk, they had a AAA rate of $80/night. That's about half their usual rate. It's the next town over from Darien.

Places to stay

I am staying at the Doubletree in Norwalk and will have a rental if anyone needs a ride.


can anybody recommend an airport to fly into for the conference?



I am flying into the Whiteplain airport. It is a nice small airport.


There is a conference block at the Norwalk Doubletree:

The closest airport is White Plains (HPN), but LGA and JFK are easy too and you can take the red dot shuttle.

The HoJo has been torn down and was a hive of scum and villainy in its day.

Streaming video for Drupal4Lib Camp?

Will you still be streaming audio/video for the Drupal4Lib Camp? If so, where can that be accessed? Thanks!

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